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Default Re: Dagenham reaction

Originally Posted by krux View Post
I think we are getting somewhere, the midfield setup looked a lot better today. Had to hang on second half with French in particular given a torid time.

Mullin is fantastic,.and Lennon's injury problems are a concern despite what Birdy says.
Yep. Midfield looked very good first half with Jones in the middle. We need a playmaker to get the ball into Mullin's feet more often. Im assuming RHJ and Hosannah will be playing as wingbbacks pretty soon and RHJ in particular will make a huge difference.

French got torn a new arse hole by Weston in the second and I was surprised he wasnt told to drop back.

We're slowly becoming a really good side. Thought Macalinden was very good and gave us that physical presence in the middle. He's earnt the right to start now for me.

Very pleased.
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