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Default Re: Dagenham reaction

Another 1-0 home win and another 3 points on the board. First half we played really well and Mullin what a goal.

Dagenham 2nd half of game v Kings Lynn [ BT game ] last week and 2nd half of this weeks game versus us played really well. Difference last week they were playing weakened team and converted their chances.

Over the 2 home games I have seen today and Notts County I feel the defence is shaky. And worse than when we had Kelleher and Vassell at the back. Midfield Young looks a different player in the changes in the team this season. He was one of our best players the last 2 seasons but with the changes in the summer he is unfortunately not the same player.

David Jones looked awful today when he came on- looked off the pace.

The idiot/s who set the flare off again no where near when we scored this time in the second half.

Iím sorry we have some real numpty fans at our club. All I can say is if this was wst ownership I would be worrying about fines but if this keeps happening at games the national league / fa could come down on us especially as in excuse to keep us in the league with our increase in attendances and global audience.

My season ticket didnít scan. First game attended since having it. So the farce continues on that level Iím afraid.

Still - All that matters is a win today.

Whilst Stockport is not having a good start. I expect they will be wanting to put in a good performance and result next week. Wonder if the club will decide on a hotel stay next week?
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