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Default Re: After Kings Lynn (A) VNL - 13/11/2021 (6-2)

Originally Posted by draigwrecsam View Post
Take that, Mr Cleeve, our contribution to speeding you back from whence you came.
12 OPP(G): 22 Hayden(G); 29(sub); 45+2(Y); 57 Davies(G); 60 OPP(sub); 64 Mullin(G); 67 OPP(Y), Hall-Johnson(Y); 76 Ponticelli(G); 77 Hall-Johnson(off)/Green(on); 79 OPP(sub); 83 Mullin(off)/Jarvis(on); 87 OPP(G); 90 Jarvis(G); 90+5 Green(G)

Are you now sending coded messages to Cleeve in the League Matches Chronology or is it just the OPPosite?

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