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Default Re: League Two 23/24 Updates

Originally Posted by Notts62 View Post
I suppose many were saying the same thing this time last year where the bulk of our signing were taking from the leagues below.

Been a Notts fan long enough to realise often the signings we have made in the past who have been great on paper often turn out to be dissapointing and the players I have heard very little about often turn out to some of our best players. I have complete confidence in our recruitment policies/processes, utilizing the owners football stats company. I would not have a problem if I am not aware of a single one of our signings before they join us.
those high profile golden ticket signings rarely pay off - new recruits need to also fit in with the team, their ethos and their personalities, both Notts and Wrecsam seemed to have pretty tight ships as far as dressing rooms went - considering your improvement under LW - I'd have confidence in him as well, both of us will be up there next season - whether you manage to keep all your players will be crucial to you
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