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Default Re: 23-24 Like for Like Stats

Originally Posted by draigwrecsam View Post
And we're up and running, albeit too slow to keep up with MK Dons.

Some changes for this year!

Like for like league stats has no L2 comparison to last year and comparison to VNL would be pretty meaningless (you could say that about the whole post). So the first comparison columns are with 07/08 - our last season on L2. The second comparison columns are with the last league game we played against our opponents - the season and date are included.

Like for Like Attendances I have compared to Last Season (VNL) and 07/08 - our last season on L2.

OK... that is a lot to digest. Making my head spin, but I will get around to looking at it. Thanks for the effort, seems like an awful lot of work. Kudos to you, sir.

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