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Default Re: FA Cup 2nd Round

Originally Posted by Alan Attack View Post
I want to give them as much Hollywood money as we can and watch them cream their pants when they get a load of money. They love playing on the fact itís their club (#ourclub) as a sly dig at us.

I totally get no wanting to give them a penny.

Mansfield away was probably one of the worst draws we could have got so maybe a non league team at home would be nice.
Part of me wants to get them at home and stuff them 5-0, Iíd enjoy that as much as the Notts game last year I think.
But at the same time I donít want them getting their own episode on the documentary, i donít want them making money off the gate or off us at all. I love they hate us being in the limelight and it kills them. They lie to themselves saying theyíd never ďsell outĒ for success. One of my favourite parts of the takeover is watching them cry about it.

Sounds a bit OTT. But Iím not too fond of them.
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