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Default Re: Welcome to Wrexham S2 E15: "Up the town?"

Originally Posted by Red Dragons AFC View Post
The commercials were SO annoying, there was like a five minute break right after the opening scene - I get it, draw out the tension - and another five minute break right at the end when I wanted to see if there was going to be anything else after the Notts epilogue which there wasn’t really, just a shot of the bus slowly pulling away though I liked the ‘Dreams Do Come True’ message on the back of it. The episode should have absolutely been the longest of the season but it was a few minutes short of some others.

Like others, I would have liked to have seen more post-promotion comments from the fans but they seemed to make a conscious decision that would be overkill (you didn’t even hear from R and R or Humphrey after), just to show a montage of what it meant visually by reactions and to have all the comments they did include come during the in-game montages. Wayne opting to spend the finale inside the Turf instead of in the stadium was poignant and yet another example of just how connected the Turf and the team are.

Knowing what happened with Notts I was expecting there to be some form of an epilogue and was wondering how they’d play it - was surprised they featured AS much in the last episode as they did, but I get they wanted to establish the Cedwyn Scott arc and you couldn’t do that by putting the Notts stuff before their game with us (which otherwise would have been more logical). I’m more than fine with giving them their due on the whole though, especially considering we beat them hah

As a whole I thought the episode was really well done for the most part, particularly the opening credits, the Jordan Davies stuff (loved they included an actual shot of them at the parade) and even that farcical first minute of the game hah. I wasn’t expecting to hear the Rocky music in the climax but why shouldn’t I have expected it, Rob is a Philly boy after all haha.
I go to the States a lot with work (I'm there next week up to Thanksgiving) and when I'm over I never watch any TV. Commercials every 5 mins drives me insane.

Not sure I'd stay in the pub if I had a ticket for that game but then I'm not a landlord I guess so don't fully understand the connection. I did have Saving Private Ryan in my head when I saw that.

I'm increasingly convinced that W2W is becoming like TOWIE or Made in Chelsea where the producers ask the cast what's going on in their lives and write a plot/script around that. The JD scenes were beautifully done. Knew that he was at the parade with his pram but loved how they got Parky spotting him in the crowd. That bit wasn't scripted and it showed.
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