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Default Re: Welcome to Wrexham S2 E15: "Up the town?"

Originally Posted by Wrexy View Post
I go to the States a lot with work (I'm there next week up to Thanksgiving) and when I'm over I never watch any TV. Commercials every 5 mins drives me insane.

Not sure I'd stay in the pub if I had a ticket for that game but then I'm not a landlord I guess so don't fully understand the connection. I did have Saving Private Ryan in my head when I saw that.

I'm increasingly convinced that W2W is becoming like TOWIE or Made in Chelsea where the producers ask the cast what's going on in their lives and write a plot/script around that. The JD scenes were beautifully done. Knew that he was at the parade with his pram but loved how they got Parky spotting him in the crowd. That bit wasn't scripted and it showed.
To be fair I had been wondering who runs the Turf when he goes to games, I guess itís his wife judging by that little snippet so itís probably a no brainer if family is involved.
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