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Default Re: Welcome to Wrexham S2 E15: "Up the town?"

Originally Posted by DenbighRed View Post
I know exactly what Wayne meant when he explained why he decided not to go to the game but stay in the Turf instead. I had similar feelings that day.

I felt weirdly reflective all day (the late kick off didn't help) thinking of all the shit times we've had over the last 15 years and the people we've lost along the way who would've loved to be there. Rather than just heading out to the pub I wanted to spend time with family really savouring the ocassion. Definitely wasn't my normal pre-match routine.

I've been saying since April that whatever follows over the course of this ride we're on nothing will feel as emotional or significant as that night. There's no way it possibly can as far as I can see, it was so sweet because of all the hard times that went before it.
Very nicely put.

I guess as a landlord your regulars become your extended family.

I had pretty strange emotions on the day as well. Straight after a 200 mile drive up I was whisked off to my mate's house to help him do his Dad's garden. His Dad is club legend Ron Pugh who worked at the club for 60 years and ran the supporters coaches alongside club legend Eric Woodfine (RIP) back in the day. He couldn't make the game as he's now 90 but it was ace to see what the club and promotion meant to him.

I went mental on the first and especially the second goals. Third goal was pure relief. At the final whistle I felt nothing. It was weird. Just as if I'd woken up from a 15 year dream. Or nightmare.

I think I may be the same this season - for me Division 1 is our rightful place in the world. That was ripped away from us through little fault of our own with the Hamilton era and the 10 point penalty etc. that led to the downward spiral. Above League 1 and we're punching above our weight and I look forward to the club putting the gloves on in the Championship and beyond.

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