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Default Re: Welcome to Wrexham S2 E15: "Up the town?"

Originally Posted by Wrexy View Post
A series that has, let's be completely honest, been a bit hit & miss in places ends on a high.

I defy you not to shed a few tears over this one. The question is at which point do you start gushing? Many won't make it past the opening credits.

It starts low key with nervous anticipation all round. Highlight are the interviews with the Notts County squad and Luke Williams. Never saw that coming. Langstaff gets the credit he 100% deserves from Wrexham fans who recognise a top drawer striker when they see one.

Into the game itself and the action is brilliantly presented starting with a clock showing the action from the KO to BW's shock opener.

Then it goes low ley shooting off in different directions with a lovely slot on Paul Mullin and YourSpace, Millie and her mum, and an interview with Parky saying how its the first time in management he's moved to the area where he's managing the team.

Back to the action and we get all the views of Mullin's first goal. Great shots of Millie going wild as Mullin ran to the corner. I watched the game from the Quiet Zone and it was mad in there (that's me at the back going mental). A special part of the ground.

The third goal going in is what got me and clearly a few others in the ground. Ashmore should have saved it looking at it in slo-mo though!

Perfectly timed segue with Jordan Davies and his partner in hospital. Lovely stuff.

Final whistle, pitch invasion and bus tour are all in there and fairly underplayed. Surprised to hear 'Going the Distance' from Rocky as the background kind of works...but I'm surprised they didn't use the slo-mo footage from Ben Foster's channel which was absolutely stunning.

Two wonderful redemption arcs close it out. Parky spotting Jordan Davies on the route of the bus parade with his baby daughter born that morning (you couldn't write it) and finally Cedwyn Scott scoring the penalty in the play-offs. Notts County fans are going to enjoy this episode nearly as much as us.

But the best bit? It felt like it was 100% about Wrexham. The only pandering to the Americans we saw was a brief shot of Paul Rudd. Thankfully the footage of Michael Starkey stumbling around town ended up on the cutting room floor.

Up the town.
It wasn't hit or miss. It was excellent.
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