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Default Re: WST board recommend Racecourse Lease surrender

Originally Posted by Quay Red View Post
There is no explanation of why the club needs the trust to surrender the lease apart from the club saying that it's needed to secure funding for the development. As the club own the ground, I can't see why this would stop them doing whatever they want.
The only other possible contentious issue is the clause which refers to any future move which requires the ground to be a minimum capacity equal to or better than the current capacity ( approx 10,300 ) or UEFA cat 4 ( This minimum is 8,000 ) I would have liked to see a minimum capacity if a move was deemed necessary.

I look forward to the meeting on the 4th.
The current agreed covenant that we voted on as part of the sale was that the club could move the ground to within two miles of the Racecourse. This new covenant is adding in the requirement that any new ground would match the capacity of the racecourse and meets a grading of UEFA category 4.