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Default Re: WST board recommend Racecourse Lease surrender

Originally Posted by Jaded View Post

Seems like it would make more sense if the 'only' was moved to read "the Ground will be used as the only home football stadium of Wrexham AFCís menís first team until 30 June 2115."
I would agree with that, and the logic.

Also, for anyone wondering what two miles looks like:

It would be interesting to know if the pitch freehold, or part of, was ever discussed internally by the WST, or the WST and the club, and why its not become a thing.

The one thing fans were taught from the dark days was Section 106's, Covenants, Big Promises... can't be relied on long term, and especially so if the faces making them change over the years.

That is not a pop at R+R, they have documented to the world perhaps why there is a skepticism DNA strand in the town

The vote will sail through, so then surely new Kop built in a day?