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Default Re: WST board recommend Racecourse Lease surrender

Originally Posted by Wrexy View Post
Does anybody know the valuation of the flats? Think I saw a figure of 14 million somewhere. If that's the case they are never coming down I'm afraid.
Never is a big word.

Looking back over the years of following Wrexham:
We would never beat Arsenal, Middlesbrough, Ipswich
We would never get relegated to the non-league
we would never raise enough money for the bond
Moss would never sell to the trust
We would never get taken over by anyone let alone hollywood millionaires
We would never get promoted from the non-league

If it was case between spending 14million on flats to expand the current stadium or building a new stadium which is cheaper?
If we needed the space the flats occupy to expand the stadium the club would be at a level where 14 million isn't an insurmountable figure.
Would the flats need to be bought if you committed to and build new flats elsewhere.