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Default Re: A question for the supporters around in the 70's

Originally Posted by redtalk View Post
John Coleman, the Accrington manager made a bizzare statement to my mind in the pre match interview for tomorrows game

At 8:05 he reckons if you asked anyone around in the 70's who was more famous Accrington or Wrexham, they would say Accrington!

Thoughts on that?
Probably because of their mid-season (1961/62) resignation from the League (accepted by the Football League) due to their dire financial situation. As it was such an unprecedented situation, it was quite a high profile scandal at the time.

Whether they were more famous than Wrexham at the time is open to debate. Quite possibly they were, because Wrexham's recognition came more in the 70s with their FA Cup and European successes.
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