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Originally Posted by Kiddy Dragon View Post
Another lunatic idea from the Senedd backed by a petition of 1400 presented to the Welsh Parliament, by linguist Mihangel ap Rhisiart.

In the Welsh language, the city's title is spelled Wrecsam . It is one of several places across the country that could face a change, including tourist towns Barry and Caerphilly, which may soon be known as Barri and Caerfilli .

If the petition proves successful, Wrexham would be the club most affected by such a change. Championship teams Cardiff City and Swansea City, plus Wrexham's League Two rivals Newport County, do not face the same uncertainly as the Welsh names of those three cities are deemed too different from their English spellings.

Who employs these people, have they nothing more useful to do with their time?
What a huge surprise it won't affect Caerdydd (which is obviously massively different to Cardiff). I mean its only the Captial after all.

It doesn't overly bother me tbh, but then again I don't see the problem with places having both Welsh and English spellings in the first place.
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