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Originally Posted by Wrexham Can View Post
I used to think that was the etymology too, but apparently not.
According to Wikipedia (yes, I know it has its detractors but it's mostly pretty accurate nowadays):
"origins of the name 'Wrexham' may possibly be traced back to this period as being derived from an Old English personal name, 'Wryhtel' and 'hamm' meaning water meadow or enclosure within the bend of a river i.e. Wryhtel's meadow. The district was known in English as Bromfield".
There are other posters on RP (like Eastsussexred) who do a lot more detailed (and appreciated) research on the area so they may be able to chime in.
Yep. The Welsh spelling is simply that; the Welsh way of spelling it due to the absence of "X" in the Welsh alphabet. I wouldn't get too worked up about it as this area was Mercian, Powysian and Venedotian (Gwynedd) over the years. The Normans (Marcher Lords or English monarch) arrived here too, of course. Our history is far more complicated than simple English or Welsh.
It is also possible the area was settled for a while by an Anglo Saxon tribe, the Wreocensęte, who moved up along the West Midlands, giving their name to such as Wroxeter and Wrockwardine Wood and, maybe, to Wrexham.
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