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Lots of misunderstanding on this one.

If we want to maintain the historical accuracy on this then Wrexham is not only the most appropriate spelling but also, as others have said, reflects an interesting aspect of the origins of the town more than the Cymraeg translation of Wrecsam. Using Wrecsam only in place of Wrexham would be a mistake in my opinion (and isn't going to happen).

The discussion in the Senedd is whether there is need for recent English translations that are so pointless - like Carnarvon when Caernarfon is clearly sufficient.

This debate will always ignite the bedwetters but I see no problem in using Cymraeg only names when it is obvious.

As mentioned earlier for what I understand the earliest Cymraeg versions of Wrexham are actually Gwregsam or Gwrecsam and I think that is much cooler anyway. But for me even when I write in Cymraeg I usually write Wrexham but have no issue with anyone using either.

The Bannau Brycheiniog/Eryri developments in recent times are the Park Authorities choosing to use the Cymraeg name only in their official capacity but they are not forcing any individual or private business to not use Brecon Beacons or Snowdonia. Again it is only snowflake Tory opportunists who have jumped on this to claim it is anything else as part of ongoing attempts to deflect from fact they have literally nothing else left to offer than a forced attempt to inflict victim status on their supporters who might then vote for them for their "support".
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