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Default Re: WST board recommend Racecourse Lease surrender

Originally Posted by fezbob View Post
Didn't the administrators sell to Moss or am I missing something? Also, the club was sold to the new owners with no debt which was surely an attractive part of the takeover as it meant they could immediately start making a difference.

Why do we need clicks? At FiD we provide content to fans free of charge with any money made through events etc either used to cover costs or given to charity. It's up to people whether or not they listen.

Where have I ever said I'm not happy with the current set up? I think the ownership has done wonders for the club and local area but there are times I disagree with some decisions, same as I disagreed with some of those made by the WST and was very vocal about it. I'd apply scrutiny equally regardless of who was in charge.

Good for you. You keep scrutinising. Personally I'm more interested in who will be our wing backs today and whether or not MG can commentate without sticking a Mr Kipling down his gob.
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