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Default Re: Accrington reaction 0-2

A lacklustre performance from far too many players. Too many hopeless balls, no pace, and Mullin wastes 2 good chances.

Evans and Lee were probably our best players, but neither really took control when needed.

CBs all look slow and weak, and Okonkwo's loss of concentration for their second was matched by some poor distribution.

I think the gulf between this lot and the team from the 70s widened today. More like the Pacific than the Gulf of Persia.

Long way to go before the Window opens, when we will need to strengthen across the pitch. But at least it wasn't 5-0.

Final word for the idiots who threw stuff onto the pitch. Hope the police have video evidence and they lose their STs. I may want us to match the team of the 70s, but not the thuggish behaviour from then.
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