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Default Re: Accrington reaction 0-2

Originally Posted by kopdragon View Post
Doing well for a pub team given that they are only 4 points behind us 😜,

At the end of the day that was an all round bad performance and one we have to put behind us and bounce back from next week.

I think Tozer plays his best game with Evans and TOC either side of him at the back and doesn’t look as assured with Hayden on the right of him and seemed to become even less settled second half with Boyle added into the mix.

you're absolutely right here . He needs to have players around him he knows he can trust . Hayden was very poor Boyle the same. With Tozer needing to be the deepest sitting CB , he's constantly fearing he'll have to get back even deeper to cover for the wide CBs mistakes - when TOC and Evans or EOC are there , he's much more comfortable as he can just concentrate on his game

Can only assume that TOC was injured as if we were going to make a change on the left it should have been JD coming off - maybe going to a 4 at the back , with TOC at FB .... but in truth , we had 3 key players in 3 key positions who were nowhere near good enough ( Hayden , JD & Dalby ) -with those 3 almost not being there it pulled so many other players out of where they should have been - Lee dropping deep in particular ) as a result we were always going to struggle against a very committed Accrington side
throw those curtains wide, one day like this a year'd see me right !