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Default Re: Accrington reaction 0-2

Originally Posted by SouthLondonExile View Post
That was a classic 'got national leagued'.

We always struggled against that style in the NL and moving up a division has not changed that.

We can be quite a reactive team in terms of style of play, we should have imposed our own style but we resorted to long ball rubbish.

Have to call out a few players:

Hayden - not sure if he is rusty, but his touch at times was awful.
JD - not a LWB and looks a little limited in L2.
TOC - wanted to much time on the ball in the first half.
Boyle - bit of a blunt instrument, not the CB we needed.
Dalby - didn't have much to work with, but a head tennis game is not one he should play in.
Lee - still can't take a corner. Had one in the second half that looked like a 10 year old putting in the ball.
McAlinden - think an injured Hosannah would offer more, shouldn't see a L2 game again this season.

Just have to write this one off and start another unbeaten run from next week.
I'd agree with all of that ...... the one thing that baffles me is for someone who hits the ball so well on goal , how poor Lee's delivery is from corners and free kicks
throw those curtains wide, one day like this a year'd see me right !