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Default Re: Standard of referees

The standard of refereeing in the league we are in is, in my opinion appalling, I realise that officials in professional football have to follow not only FA directives but those that are made by the Football League, clubs have very little or no say in how the laws are developed and interpreted. Although referees do not have any say whatsoever in the laws. They just have to carry out the interpretation of them until they receive directives from the FA to be more loose in their interpretation of the laws. A number of years ago football associations would get together and make new laws of the game then give them out so that referees would have to interprete them until the football League clubs decided that the more strict the laws were the more money it was costing clubs in fines. The interpretation of the laws would then become more relaxed but at the beginning of the season we will see more players being sent off and cautioned but it is very difficult for players and clubs to get the Football League or FA to reinterprete the Laws early in the season
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