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Default Re: Accrington A ratinhs

Originally Posted by blackbrookred View Post
Davies and Dalby were easily the worst players on the pitch.

Davies drifted far too narrow at times, closing the space that Lee plays in. When he did get the ball out wide in decent positions, his final ball was terrible. He was clearly out of his comfort zone and was only played there because he is left footed, a big mistake from Parky.
PP effectively had 3 choices at LWB: JD, McAlinden or the young lad who got slated during the Port Vale game.

I gave JD an extra point because he was played out of position.

Dalby was ineffective; as was Mullin.

Lots of ineffective performances yesterday, hence the defeat.

Should have been a draw; shoulda won the Lottery.

Start again on Saturday!
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