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Default Re: Wrexham women v swansea

Originally Posted by the_holt_dragon View Post
Having watched all the games so far Swansea and Cardiff look a level above us, but I feel that gap is closing from the first game and will continue to narrow. I thought we played ok, but Swansea deserved winners .
I was at the game. My daughter was playing and we are staying in Swansea for the weekend visiting my wife’s family.

Considering we were without Rosie and Keren Allen the captain and centre back I thought they did okay but I never thought they’d hang on unfortunately as the ball just kept coming back in the second half. Really missed Rosie as she always occupies a couple of defenders and makes a real nuisance of herself. Swansea deserved the win.

A bit disappointing before the game that the announcer put up the Swansea team on the big screen and named the side individually but nothing mentioned about the Wrexham girls. I felt that was poor.
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