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Default Re: Wrexham women v swansea

Originally Posted by WXMWELSH85 View Post
It going to take time to complete at the top, Watched a few games now, Wrexham probably have 8/9 WPL standard players but they lack quality in the whole squad, Doran is stand out but they need to widen their search for quality.
I imagine thatís easier said than done. I suspect they donít have a significant scouting operation and unless they start poaching from Cardiff and Swansea I doubt there is a huge pool of players in the league that would significantly improve the team. I also imagine the trips to south wales every 2 weeks would put off some. I suspect we are looking at incremental improvement and long term growing our own. We look comfortably the third best team in the league which to me is a good achievement in a relatively short time.
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