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Default Re: Wrexham women v swansea

Originally Posted by t1954 View Post
I think for the fan looking on a critical appraisal is what it is all about. When things go well in a game fans say so or you get little feedback, if they go not so well fans look and say where they think things have gone wrong. Yesterday, was a learning curve I think for our ladies the same as the previous match against Swansea, I only saw the highlights of the Cardiff one so I cannot comment. The difference yesterday was clear, they were stronger, more physical and controlled the ball that bit better. This will come with our team, they will have learnt a lot from games like yesterday. I thought there were a few outstanding performances considering and plenty to build on. I am not very good on the names but the keeper, the central defenders and backs played well to keep them out. Lightfoot is good but yesterday was a difficult day. We just need that bit more strength experience in midfield and another attacker. It looks good.
Iím not much of an expert and have only started paying close attention this season due to streaming. Hannah Keryakoplis got injured in the first game and from reading her background she has experience and profile we are probably missing.
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