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Default Re: Accrington Stanley 2 Wrexham 0 Reaction

Originally Posted by Matty View Post
I mean do we actually score plenty from long throws? Since the start of this season I canít remember a single one off the top of my head. Could be maybe one or two that Iím forgetting at the moment, but that would be it. I know it worked for us in the National League, but as Iíve said before Iím with McClean on getting frustrated with its overuse. Every once in a while sure, but using it for almost every single throw in from the final third deflates momentum IMO.
The problem we've had this season has been targets in the box and bigger defenders to compete with . Hayden missing has been a blow. Boyle coming in was a target , but he's not been able to cement a place in the team .

If you have Hayden , Boule and Palmer in the bus when Tozer is launching a ball in , it's very difficult for the defence to cover them all . If it's just Palmer , the defenders just have to stop him , which is much easier
throw those curtains wide, one day like this a year'd see me right !