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Default Re: Accrington Stanley 2 Wrexham 0 Reaction

Originally Posted by Dai Young View Post
I can't deny there's truth in that, but when he's last man back and under pressure, he's very wobbly and fluffed a fair few clearances. I wince every time we get away with it. Just.

The thing to remember is ( something I've often said when coaching ) , when you're the last man back , be it the central centre back , or the GK , if you find your self on your own with an opposition player baring down on goal , there's probably anything up to 10 players in front of you in your own team who haven't done their job/ have made a mistake to allow them to get to that position . You do the best job you can - any player in that position is going to get it wrong at some point

Tozer makes mistakes sometimes, every player does, but he certainly breaks down many more attacks than he lets through ....other than GK, that central CB position is the most exposed position on the pitch in terms of pressure and visibility with regards to errors
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