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Default Re: What do we still need to seal the deal?

Originally Posted by MJ6987 View Post
I was listening to the last FiD podcast with Morrell (recorded pre Accrington) and I felt that the lads were getting a bit giddy and carried away, talking as if it was pretty much plain sailing from now on.

I think the Accrington game showed clearly that this is not the case, and there is no room for complacency if we want to get another promotion

Previously the answer to this question was always “midfield” but we have now largely resolved this area. However, this has served to highlight other areas that still need to be strengthened for me.

These are, in my opinion:

Central defence - some of our defenders are too injury prone, Tozer isn’t getting any younger and Boyle is a clogger.

Strikers - Mullin was always our star player. The podcast above showed that this is no longer the case, with all of them agreeing that Lee is now our standout player and no one else is close. Truth is he’s not the same player since his injury and likely won’t ever be. Palmer is decent but isn’t prolific and Dalby is not quite at the level (maybe still room for improvement though). Fletcher is an impact sub, if he can get fit again (not a given at his age)

Anyone want to differ from the above?
I think the part about questioning Mullin's ability to get back to his pre-injury form is a bit in the sky is falling territory. It seemed that most people believed he wouldn't even be back by now or at least just starting to come back. I'm guessing he's still feeling the effects from that injury and its going to take some more time to get past that and get his confidence back up. He is still massively affecting games even while missing some opportunities we all know he can typically convert.

I also don't know if I'd agree that Lee is our "standout" player. He is certainly one of them, especially with his goal scoring ability while Mullin hasn't been his full self, but I think Evans and Okonkwo would have my vote for best players on this team. Evans ability to control the midfield or his ability to make stops and move the ball from the back when he is needed as a CB, in my opinion, makes him the outfield player most affecting the positives on the pitch. Okonkwo, outside of the error last week, has shown that he has a bright future as a keeper well above L2, even possibly starting for a big five team at some point. He certainly has put his mark on Wrexham working their way up the league standings since those first handful of weeks.

Accrington was a good wakeup call and I'm sure won't be the last collective stinker of a game from the lads. I do fully agree with the implications that Tozer isn't getting any younger and unfortunately, it seems like Boyle isn't living up to his billing and not showing much that he can reach expectations.

I still think Wrexham are very well placed for picking up a couple reinforcements during the window as well as Mullin continuing to get back to full form. I think they could very well end up top 3 and are well positioned for a nice FA Cup run. And if they don't get promoted, they'll have plenty of time to continue gelling as a team and finish it off next year.
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