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Default Re: What do we still need to seal the deal?

Originally Posted by Redpensioner View Post
I like everyone else was pissed off with Saturday's performance. The lack of passion, second to everything and ponderous on the ball. This thread is so depressing, just to quote a few, all the back three players need to move on, and the wing-backs not good enough the mid-field can't pass a ball and to top it all people are even questioning Mullin, without this lad we would still be playing Bromley and B/W.

One crap game and we get all this, only a few weeks ago we were putting Notts and Mansfield to the sword, yes Saturday was not acceptable but we are better than that as everyone knows.
Haha. Could't agree much more. I mean, it's one thing to conjecture about what it could take to "seal the deal," especially after a loss like that to Accrington. But, some of these takes are quite hilariously overboard. It was a shit game that certainly showed where some weakness can still lie, but pretty much every player played underneath their capabilities and that just happens sometimes. Move on, start another unbeaten streak, grab some quality insurance in January- good to go.
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