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Default Re: WST board recommend Racecourse Lease surrender

Originally Posted by davewilli View Post
Who ever is runs it will be fair game these days of anonymous social media and there will always be some jealously, but we all need to move on and take responsibility for electing sound people who are committed to working hard for the fan base and the good of the club.

Mistakes were made in the past which were costly, but there was an enormous amount of good work carried out, much at no cost to the club or the fans and we are now in a different era where the fans may have a voice but limited control of the club.

It will always be difficult fir a large collective of fans to all pull in the same direction, gor an extended period, whatever the group is called, or if anyone has any problems with the people on the current Trust Board, but with nigh on 1,000 members, it's a good place to start.
Basically the 187000, is that the money the WST never returned to fans for the bond?

I’d say shut the whole thing down personally they have no power, they’ve also lost the support of pretty much the whole fan base i for one would rather fans in the stands and an owner actually capable of running the club.

It’s a football club and should be measured on the football, not all secondary stuff which was all the members we’re talking about at meetings.

There’s no place for what the WST became at any football club, the good work you speak of did come at a cost to the football club it’s what most of you cannot understand and that’s not a dig dave. It’s a football club which results are measured on the football not the “good work” in the community if that’s what you think a football club should be …. We would have gone under. Over 3 million in transfer revenue made no difference, 10+ managers in 9 years was it …. The entire wst era was a disaster.

The club is still doing community work, the players still get involved in the community and the football club is running as a football club.

The wst have no place in the club because they don’t deserve one.