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Rochdale (away) Live Match Thread -
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bagillt dragon at 12.18:04 on 26th December 2006 said:
I was under the impression it's a team bonus rather than 20K each?

I know our sponsors are pretty keen, but I doubt they could stretch to a 1/4 million xmas bonus?

bagillt dragon at 12.19:13 on 26th December 2006 said:
Bugger. 2-1.

crispinlane signalman at 12.20:45 on 26th December 2006 said:
but Radio Wales definitely said per man !!

That's why I posted it - thought Alex had sent some of the money back

S**t Mike Ingham has gifted 1 to Rochdale 1-2

StattoWrexham at 12.22:01 on 26th December 2006 said:
Ratcliffe's just said Ingham has dropped a clanger and he hopes it doesn't cost us the three points!!!

To be fair Ingham has been in good form lately but 2 - 0 up away at Rochdale who are second from bottom we ought to be coasting and now we are back up against it again, just hope we can get a third and close the game down asap otherwise will be nervous as fck listening on Radio Wales with Roger Hughes and Ratcliffe!

Wrexham fans are sounding brilliant on the radio again, Roger Hughes reckons around 300 "great support" he says, would think it's more than 300 though as they always understimate it

bagillt dragon at 12.35:43 on 26th December 2006 said:

When is the last time we managed to hang on to a two goal lead?

StattoWrexham at 12.36:07 on 26th December 2006 said:
Chucked a two goal lead away for fcks sake!
Will we ever win a league game away?

We need to be beating teams near the bottom. Ratcliffe saying Josh Johnson needs to be subbed as he's done bugger all. Rochdale's tails are up after they made two subs when two nil down.

The bonus is for the team definitely and I knew it was safe when it was announced because we can't win away from home!

Perhaps Lease Direct ought to offer 20000 for us to win 4 home games in a row and not include away games.

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Rochdale (away) Live Match Thread

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