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Cambridge Utd v Wrexham KO 3pm BSP Live Match Thread -
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Rob at 09.43:18 on 19th September 2009 said:
Welcome to the
Cambridge Utd v Wrexham
Live Match Thread!

Today we head down south to the Abbey Stadium to take on Cambridge Utd. I noticed a good post on twitter about this fixture:

"Cambridge away tomorrow. It's times like these I miss David Lovett and his Friday night punfest in the Evening Leader.

There'd be talk of the manager STUDYING form, players being LECTURED and DEGREES of uncertainty amongst the Cambridge camp. Genius!

Usually coupled with photo of a Wrexham player in a mortar board with a scroll. Caption: *player*: hoping to TEACH Cambridge a LESSON."

Points today to anyone keeping up Lovetts fine tradition of pun related updates/comments in the match thread

Match News:
Anyone going to the game please feel free to post your remarks to the live thread via text message on your mobile on 01978 280 280, or those who can, via twitter

Coverage is due to be on BBC local radio, both BBC Wales & local radio of our opponents. The web-stream links for the BBC can be found here, but usually go live closer to kick off! The clubs excellent 'Wrexham World' coverage usualy starts a similar time.

Those listening along via radio, please feel free to interact and give your views & opinions live in this match thread, or if you think something important has been missed please post!

The Player Rater will go active some point this evening after the game so you can give your verdict on todays game and your scores count towards RP Player of the Season!



Rob at 10.08:44 on 19th September 2009 said:
For some pre-match reading here is some Lovett gold from the archives:

http://www.redpassion.co.uk/oldsite/.../news0502c.htm - Andy Morrell loses a tooth by eating a mars bar, puntastic.

http://www.redpassion.co.uk/oldsite/.../news0804b.htm - our 5-0 win on relegation day from 2002 with some final words that ring true today.

http://www.redpassion.co.uk/oldsite/issue7/mediaman.htm - an interview with Lovett from April 1999, in the old 'RedPassion' fanzine.

For those of you who have missed it, http://www.redpassion.co.uk/oldsite/ has an archive of as much of the old site/news archives and RedPassion fanzine articles from the old site that could be found.

Lee at 11.04:04 on 19th September 2009 said:
Just hope we can get the win , and build from there, tough game though

iawn cont at 11.11:48 on 19th September 2009 said:
I fancy us to shine today.

Lee at 11.19:02 on 19th September 2009 said:
Ive got a feeling we will do ok aswell

dyf at 11.33:53 on 19th September 2009 said:
I have this feeling too. Perhaps it's because I haven't seen, or read any of the doom and gloomers on here yet!

Starting with the same side for 7 games in a row is amazing!

Kei Wxm at 11.57:19 on 19th September 2009 said:
I'm very confident today, especially now that Tsiakilis has signed. His no nonesense passing in the midfield should surely help us and take a bit of pressure off the other midfielders. Mike Williams must also take this opportunity today and shine, otherwise he'd probably end up back on the bench on Tuesday.

I'd also love for Sakho to mark his debut with a goal, but lets just hope he has a good performance.

I'm very optimistic and this will definately be one of our toughest away games. COME ON YOU REDS!!!!

Lee at 12.18:58 on 19th September 2009 said:
Yes , lets all get behind evryone Today, it aint been easy for the fans, and yes ive had the odd dig , purely out of frustration! but lets show em what we can do !

RPsms at 12.37:40 on 19th September 2009 said:
The following text message has just been received live via the RP SMS Service on 01978 280 280:


Once the team coach arrived Mani was on the pitch with Mal Purchase having what looked suspiciously like a fitness test.

johnstownred at 12.48:02 on 19th September 2009 said:
a win today would set us up nicely for the luton and jester games at home!

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Cambridge Utd v Wrexham KO 3pm BSP Live Match Thread

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