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Brentford (home) Live Match Thread -
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FieldtownRed at 20.35:43 on 3rd May 2005 said:

Ci Sgoti at 20.36:43 on 3rd May 2005 said:
It's all kickin off with the linesman due to a dodgy decision. PG stand lads went toward him and the stewards are all around him giving protection. People running down from the PG exec boxes as well!!

bambam at 20.36:50 on 3rd May 2005 said:
If we still have a club

Spideog at 20.37:47 on 3rd May 2005 said:
flip.... sorry to say it but flip...

Ci Sgoti at 20.39:15 on 3rd May 2005 said:

manxie2 at 20.40:48 on 3rd May 2005 said:
As a female I dont swear very often but I agree with everything you say and more.
Dratted FL

bartonbank at 20.42:30 on 3rd May 2005 said:
I feel an expletive filled email to the FL coming on....they relegated us, not Hammy, not the opposition. Lets face it, this is what they wanted from the moment they imposed the sanction.

ActonRed at 20.57:56 on 3rd May 2005 said:
Just done that Bartonbank, lots of expletives too - made me feel better.

They are just a bunch of arrogant egotistical wankers who refuse to accept that Wrexham did not go into administration to gain competitive advantage over other clubs, but simply to stop a silly billy from liquidating us, and even if they had to dock us something why the Maximum, I mean how much of a competitive advantage is a million quid compared to other clubs that overspend by tens of millions.

And then there is Cambridge, not that I want them to be punished, but I mean what punishment is 10 points to them in their position.

Football is dying - I couldnt ever bring myself to call a premier club my own, I like watching premier football but the players & their agents are sucking all the money out of the game, for christ sake Rio Ferdinand is delaying his contract when already on 70,000 a week!
Yet you can see the time coming when there is only a Premiership league and flip all else and the football league is helping this become a reality.

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Brentford (home) Live Match Thread

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