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'Smilies' are small graphical images that can be used to convey an emotion or feeling. If you have used email or internet chat, you are likely familiar with the smilie concept. Certain standard strings are automatically converted into smilies. Try twisting your head on one side if you do not 'get' smilies; using a bit of imagination should reveal a face of some description.

If you want to disable smilies in a post that you make, you can select the 'Disable Smilies' option when posting. This is particularly useful if you are posting program code and you do not want ;) converted to a smilie face!

Generic Smilies
What to Type Resulting Graphic Meaning
:) Smile Smile
:eek: EEK! EEK!
:bulb: Bulb Bulb
:cool3: Cool3 Cool3
:coolgleamA: CoolgleamA CoolgleamA
:( Frown Frown
:toilet: Toilet Toilet
:confused: Confused Confused
:31: 31 31
:toff: Toff Toff
:hurray: Hurray Hurray
:furious: Furious Furious
:huh2: Huh2 Huh2
:freak: Freak Freak
:44: 44 44
:evilgrin: Evilgrin Evilgrin
;) Wink Wink
:jester: Jester Jester
:D Big Grin Big Grin
:guitarist: Guitarist Guitarist
:drool5: Drool5 Drool5
What to Type Resulting Graphic Meaning
:hide: Hide Hide
:bog: Bog Bog
:tumbleweed2: Tumbleweed2 Tumbleweed2
:hahano: Hahano Hahano
:blahblah: Blahblah Blahblah
:rage_computer: Rage Computer Rage Computer
:fencing: Fencing Fencing
:beatdeadhorse: Beatdeadhorse Beatdeadhorse
:oldgit: Oldgit Oldgit
:e-needpics: E Needpics E Needpics
:ban-rollerbanana: Ban Rollerbanana Ban Rollerbanana
:musicboohoo: Musicboohoo Musicboohoo
:drink: Drink Drink
:ban-cha: Ban Cha Ban Cha
:monkes: Monkes Monkes
:digger: Digger Digger
:alienabduct: Alienabduct Alienabduct
:MexWave: MexWave MexWave
:detective: Detective Detective
:leggit: Leggit Leggit
:deserted: Deserted Deserted
:jaw-drop: Jaw Drop Jaw Drop
:crampe: Crampe Crampe
:in_love: In Love In Love
:chav: Chav Chav
:wine: Wine Wine
:hiding: Hiding Hiding
:bump: Bump Bump
:whyclick: Whyclick Whyclick
What to Type Resulting Graphic Meaning
:pullhair: Pullhair Pullhair
:protest: Protest Protest
:hat2: Hat Hat
:pash: Pash Pash
:yellowcard: Yellowcard Yellowcard
:keepyups: Keepyups Keepyups
:wrexscarf: Wrexscarf Wrexscarf
:fun: Fun Fun
:woot_jump: Woot Jump Woot Jump
:doctor: Doctor Doctor
:weight_lift2: Weight Lift2 Weight Lift2
:cheer: Cheer Cheer
:WalesFlag: WalesFlag WalesFlag
:blowup: Blowup Blowup
:trophy: Trophy Trophy
:ball: Ball Ball
:soccer: Soccer Soccer
:redcard: Redcard Redcard
:49: 49 49
:annoyed: Annoyed Annoyed
:2thumbsup: 2thumbsup 2thumbsup
:p Stick Out Tongue Stick Out Tongue
:19: 19 19
:cyclist: Cyclist Cyclist
:grouphug: Grouphug Grouphug
:spam: Spam Spam
:33: 33 33
:elf: Elf Elf
:pimp: Pimp Pimp
:17: 17 17
:bandana: Bandana Bandana
:dozey: Dozey Dozey
:iamwithstupid: Iamwithstupid Iamwithstupid
:48: 48 48
:cuss: Cuss Cuss
:gossip: Gossip Gossip
:sombrero: Sombrero Sombrero
:builder2: Builder2 Builder2
:egypt: Egypt Egypt
:piggy: Piggy Piggy
:7: 7 7
:balloon: Balloon Balloon
:dizzy2: Dizzy2 Dizzy2
:iagree: Iagree Iagree
:47: 47 47
:curtain: Curtain Curtain
:furious3: Furious3 Furious3
:singer: Singer Singer
:30: 30 30
:builder: Builder Builder
:ears: Ears Ears
:party: Party Party
:6: 6 6
:baby: Baby Baby
:disguise: Disguise Disguise
:thinking2: Thinking2 Thinking2
:46: 46 46
:cry2: Cry2 Cry2
:sifone: Sifone Sifone
:mad: Mad Mad
:26: 26 26
:bucktooth: Bucktooth Bucktooth
:earmuffs: Earmuffs Earmuffs
:operator: Operator Operator
:5: 5 5
:auto: Auto Auto
:disappointed: Disappointed Disappointed
:sweatdrop: Sweatdrop Sweatdrop
:45: 45 45
:crowngrin: Crowngrin Crowngrin
:sick2: Sick2 Sick2
:rolleyes: Roll Eyes (Sarcastic) Roll Eyes (Sarcastic)
:25: 25 25
:boxing_smiley: Boxing Smiley Boxing Smiley
:dupe: Dupe Dupe
:nopity: Nopity Nopity
:4: 4 4
:artist: Artist Artist
:devilish: Devilish Devilish
:hat: Hat Hat
:svengo: Svengo Svengo
:crown: Crown Crown
:fireman: Fireman Fireman
:seeya: Seeya Seeya
:cool: Cool Cool
:24: 24 24
:bow: Bow Bow
:dunce2: Dunce2 Dunce2
:knife: Knife Knife
:3: 3 3
:army: Army Army
:devil: Devil Devil
:hanged: Hanged Hanged
:sunny: Sunny Sunny
:43: 43 43
:cowboy: Cowboy Cowboy
:santa: Santa Santa
:wings: Wings Wings
:22: 22 22
:book2: Book2 Book2
:dunce: Dunce Dunce
:juggle: Juggle Juggle
:argue: Argue Argue
:deal2: Deal2 Deal2
:gnorsi: Gnorsi Gnorsi
:sultan: Sultan Sultan
:42: 42 42
:evil3: Evil3 Evil3
:rockstar: Rockstar Rockstar
:willy_nilly: Willy Nilly Willy Nilly
:21: 21 21
:book: Book Book
:drunk: Drunk Drunk
:2: 2 2
:antlers: Antlers Antlers
:deal: Deal Deal
:glasses2: Glasses2 Glasses2
:stupid: Stupid Stupid
:41: 41 41
:cool4: Cool4 Cool4
:evil2: Evil2 Evil2
:rifle: Rifle Rifle
:whip: Whip Whip
:20: 20 20
:bomb2: Bomb2 Bomb2
:drummer: Drummer Drummer
:indian_chief: Indian Chief Indian Chief
:dead: Dead Dead
:square: Square Square
:0: 0 0
:35: 35 35
:evil: Evil Evil
:rant: Rant Rant
:o Embarrassment Embarrassment
:vanish: Vanish Vanish
:bomb: Bomb Bomb
:indian_brave: Indian Brave Indian Brave
:50: 50 50
:daisy: Daisy Daisy
:gorgeous: Gorgeous Gorgeous
:speechless: Speechless Speechless
:!blank: !blank !blank
:34: 34 34
:conehead: Conehead Conehead
:elvis: Elvis Elvis
:policeman: Policeman Policeman
:troll: Troll Troll
:18: 18 18
:banghead: Banghead Banghead
:driving: Driving Driving
:icon_bs: Icon Bs Icon Bs

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