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Alan Attack 11th July 2018 08.50:30

England v Croatia

It’s another 50:50 game. Both have been a bit lucky to make it this far winning penalty shootouts but you’ve got to be in it to win it.

I still don’t know if England are a good team considering the teams they’ve played. I’m not convinced Croatia are good enough to do a job on them. They’re quite inconsistent. I expected more in the knockout stage with Modric, Rakatic, Perisic and Mandzukic but taking Denmark and Russia to penalties was hardly impressive.

I’m going for an England win after 90 mins; 2-1.

Back of the Kop 11th July 2018 08.57:03

Re: England v Croatia
Two sides who aren't even in my top 10 in the world so both have massively over achieved to get here.

I think it depends on Croatia.If they click, they win but England are playing decent and have a good bond of that there's no doubt but you can't win a World Cup on team spirit alone.

England may sneak through tonight but they'll be humiliated by the French in the Final

Mr Wonderful 11th July 2018 11.34:17

Re: England v Croatia
The two teams who have impressed me the least tbh so not expecting a great game.

Fozastuta 11th July 2018 12.17:31

Re: England v Croatia
I think England will beat them now. In the earlier rounds, i would of backed Croatia.

Croatia looked tired and a bit toothless when that midfield is world class on paper. I backed Croatia at 20/1 earlier in tournament too.

RHYLRED 11th July 2018 12.26:58

Re: England v Croatia
Either way, I won't lose any sleep.

NottsRed 11th July 2018 13.39:21

Re: England v Croatia
Im going out for a walk or fishing when this is on as my overexcited neighbour is really pissing me off shouting, screaming and throwing the odd anti welsh dig in.

Can see England winning this tonight but I do think there will be only one goal in it. Going to be a tight one. If they do loose ill be letting my neighbour know about it.

hodgy12 11th July 2018 14.39:34

Re: England v Croatia
1 0 England from a set piece is my prediction. Should be a tight game, not much between the teams. Croatia have a stronger midfield but England are stronger up front and in defence. Wouldn't be surprised if extra time is required.

Phils-an-alki 11th July 2018 14.49:05

Re: England v Croatia
Henderson will run the midfield tonight.

Alan Attack 11th July 2018 15.29:19

Re: England v Croatia
[QUOTE=Phils-an-alki;2161629]Henderson will run the midfield tonight.[/QUOTE]

He could do. It’s not as if Modric and Rakatic have stamped their authority against worse sides than England.

Funny_Old_Game 11th July 2018 16.15:20

Re: England v Croatia
They’ll never have a better chance to reach a final. I still see Croatia winning.

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