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Default Re: The massive Wrexham AFC history thread (The sad case of a founding members and player of Wrexham

Just been reading the Accrington web which is fine of the clubs fan sites ( Dont ask why i was lurking there)
A fan who goes
by the name of Haggis 316 claimed that he had a great great etc etc grandad who played in Wrexhams first match in 1864. By the name of Tom Heath.

He also seemed to be related in some way related to Dave Gaskell.
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Default Re: The massive Wrexham AFC history thread (The sad case of a founding members and player of Wrexham

Morning IL.
I believe that two of Thomas Heath's great, great etc grandsons have an account on RP. If my memory is correct, both have posted on this thread at different times.
One of the great, great etc grandsons had carried out an ancestry search and found the details about his ancestors life, but he didnt know much about Thomas Heath's time in Wrexham, or that he was one of our founding players in our first ever game. I assume that he found this thread through a google search, which showed the details that I posted when I discovered the identities of the ten founding members that played in our first ever game. I messaged him when he signed up to RP and he was kind enough to forward me a photo of his great, great, etc grandad, which I then posted on this thread.
I have contacted quite a few of the decendants of our founding players, over the years, and a few have signed up to RP, while I am also aware of other descendants of founding members that also occasionally keep an eye on this thread.

I had hoped that the club would have erected a plaque at the Racecourse to commemorate the lives of our founding team members, and there was a design for a plaque that was submitted to the club a few years back, although nothing has ever come of this: which is a great shame in my opinion, and particularly for a club that claims to champion the history and heritage of the stadium, town and its football club.

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