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Default Re: The sad case of a founding members and player of Wrexham Football Club (Massive history thread!)

Originally Posted by WasanActonlad View Post
Absolutely fabulous reading...
One wonders where in the vacinity of rhosnessney these races took place...
First thing that comes to mind is how old is the "Gate"...
Presuming there was some base for the races...
Public houses known as ‘The Gate, The Gate Hangs High, The Gate Hangs Well’ etc... were usually named after a town gate, church gate, manor house gate, or as in this case, either a toll gate, which was located nearby on the junction of Rhosnesni Lane and Holt Road, or the Rhosnesni gate onto Acton Park.
The name was also meant to imply that the pub gate was always open for guests.
The current pub was built in the 19th Century and first known as The Gate Inn, but had changed its name to The Gate Hangs High by 1901.
The pub sign often included a verse ‘ This Gate Hangs High, and Hinders None. Refresh and Pay, and Travel On’. Sometimes, the reverse of the sign would say ‘Call at The Gate, And Taste The Tap. Drink and Be Merry, But Lay off The Strap’ meaning- don’t ask for credit.
The Pub had its own bowling Green and backed onto a series of fields, on the town side of Rhosnesni Lane, which were, at one time, a part of the common fields.
These common fields occupied most of the space between Rhosnesney Lane and Holt Road from what is now Dean Road as far as Chester Road, including Maes Y Dre (The Town Field) prior to the 16th Century, although it was not common in the sense that it belonged to the community, but rather was land made up of small strips, called quillets, which were owned by numerous people. Some of these quillets were gradually bought up by the Jeffrey’s of Acton Hall from the 17th Century, although the house was sold in 1747, eventually passing into the hands of Sir Foster Cunliffe, who created Acton Park in 1785.
The Cunliffes also built The Greyhound pub on Holt Road, Rhosnessney, although the land on this town side of Rhosnesney Lane was distinct from Acton Park, and I believe that it was in this location- between The Gate Hangs High and The Greyhound, where the Rhosnesney Races may have taken place (as attached) though neither of these pubs were built at that time. Even so, the locals referred to this location as a common in the 18th Century, and both The Gate and The Greyhound would periodically hold athletic sports days and fetes, which were attended by hundreds of people on these fields, in the 19th Century. It may well be that this location had been established as a venue for community events, during the days of the Rhosnesney Races prior to 1739. This is all just circumstantial though, as I have not found any maps or any other documentation which gives a precise location.
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Default Re: The sad case of a founding members and player of Wrexham Football Club (Massive history thread!)

The locations of the forgotten local races in the 18th Century (as attached)

2. The Rhosnesni (Wrexham) Races were noted in a review of the Chirk Castle Accounts by W.M. Myddleton, which was published in 1931 (as previously posted).
The location of these races within Rhosnesni was not recorded in the castle accounts, but the fact that the fields surrounding the hamlet were regarded as a common in the 17th and 18th Centuries suggests that races were located on Rhos Moor.
In the tithe maps of the 1840’s, the name of Rhos Moor is given to a large field off Rhosnessney Lane, next to The Gate Inn (now The Gate Hangs High).
The races were known to have already been in existence for ‘generations’ at the start of the 18th Century, as confirmed in The Chirk Castle Acounts.

1. The Ffarne (Farndon) Races were a spin off from the Chester Races and were originally established on a flood plane in Farndon next to the River Dee in 1631.
On the day of the races, the town crier would ring his bell in the streets of Chester to announce the races in Farndon, but the banks on the Holt side of the river gave a much better view of the course and the races, and so this gave rise to a saying that ‘you should go to Holt to see the Farndon Races’.
The Chirk Accounts list a number of subscriptions to the Ffarne Races from the Myddleton family, but Holt also had its own races, which were held in the Commonwood, which today is located between Berse Road, Buck Road and Commonwood Road, Holt.
The Myddletons paid a subscription of 2 guinesas to the Commonwood Races in 1728 and the location of these races was also recorded in the castle accounts.

3. The Wrexham Races at Stansty (Y Cae Ras) as previously posted.
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