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benwilliams 1st May 2017 10.45:49

[QUOTE=cynprifathro;2020886]Crewe Red: No mention of White leaving on Twitter!? Please pinpoint your reference.[/QUOTE]

He tweeted about last game of the season for Wrexham, maybe that's been misinterpreted as last game from Wrexham but that's not what it says!
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89Leader 1st May 2017 10.51:51

Re: Released players/list (updating today)
[QUOTE=OneLoveWrexham;2020895]He'll find somewhere, what player in the right mind would come back for a pre season.[/QUOTE]

Loads of players have done it in the past.

Redordead 1st May 2017 10.57:30

Re: Released players/list (updating today)
Wonder which player will have the lowest battery life!

Red Dragon Froomie 1st May 2017 10.58:02

Re: Released players/list (updating today)
[QUOTE=89Leader;2020900]Loads of players have done it in the past.[/QUOTE]

Stephen Wright is the one that stands out in recent memory

OneLoveWrexham 1st May 2017 11.02:55

Re: Released players/list (updating today)
[QUOTE=Red Dragon Froomie;2020902]Stephen Wright is the one that stands out in recent memory[/QUOTE]
Exactly he was 36 at the time and not likely to get many offers, do you think White won't get many offers? I personally don't rate him but he'll get offers on Scotland at least.

dlrwrexham 1st May 2017 11.10:16

Re: Released players/list (updating today)
[QUOTE=krux;2020894]I don't see him scoring 20 goals, and his all round game is not good enough for him to be a 12 goal number 9 for us.
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This,I'm afraid:(

ugarte007 1st May 2017 11.10:50

Re: Released players/list (updating today)
I hope White gets another go

Ddraigoch 1st May 2017 11.12:00

Re: Released players/list (updating today)
[QUOTE=Birdy;2020897]Lets just wait until the club actually annouces the retained list rather than second guessing every tweet made on twitter over the next 6 hours. Otherwise before you know it we will have 30 pages of s**te posted before any actual informatiom comes to hand![/QUOTE]

Says the poster who has been responsible for more s**te than anyone else! Only joking Birdy! :D

Signings, retained list et al are good to keep the interest going

dagg 1st May 2017 11.13:00

Re: Released players/list (updating today)
[QUOTE=ugarte007;2020910]I hope White gets another go[/QUOTE]

I hope so too.

Hometown Unicorn 1st May 2017 11.14:17

Re: Released players/list (updating today)
White and Riley are the players I'd be most gutted to see leave.

Half expecting Riley to move on but I thought White would be given another go. Surely he's done enough?

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