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draig arian 10th May 2017 17.29:02

A new F.A. League Div.5. When ?.
I seem to remember the F.A. putting forward a suggestion that a new League would be formed , ie. Division 5 based on clubs with above average gates, eg. Wrexham, an obvious example. If my memory serves me right this was 2 seasons ago, but I've heard nothing since. I think it was about a season and a half ago. Was I dreaming or what. I'm starting to worry. An Accrington Stanley Director's brilliant ( imo.) piece in today's sporting pages has prompted my post.

WAFCExile 10th May 2017 17.42:50

Re: A new F.A. League Div.5. When ?.
The idea was put forward in May last year: [url=]Football League wants new five-league, 100-club system - BBC Sport[/url]

There was concern from the lower divisions that a smaller league would mean fewer games and therefore less income. It was knocked on the head in November: [url=]EFL pulls out of 'Whole Game Solution' discussions | Football News | Sky Sports[/url]

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