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gvred 12th May 2017 09.06:30

James Hurst - SIGNED
Signing today

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jackoboy17 12th May 2017 09.09:27

Re: James Hurst
very underwhelming

NedStarksGhost 12th May 2017 09.10:11

Re: James Hurst
Gonna need some sauce with that.

Taff9172 12th May 2017 09.10:16

Re: James Hurst

EnglishRed 12th May 2017 09.11:26

Re: James Hurst
[QUOTE=gvred;2025709]Signing today

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Seems like a talented guy but lots of disciplinary problems, which is why he's down here.

Back of the Kop 12th May 2017 09.16:29

Re: James Hurst
Clearly has the talent but has had issues.

If he hadn't had those issues he'd be playing 2-3 divisions higher looking at his pedigree.

Can Keates get him back on the right path ?

ugarte007 12th May 2017 09.21:19

Re: James Hurst
Bit of a lad, hes some clubs too. Nice to hear of a signing though.

Sean Reckless 12th May 2017 09.22:29

Re: James Hurst
From Dover?

Willywill 12th May 2017 09.23:20

Re: James Hurst
I will wait to see him on the pitch before I am under or over whelmed!
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John Neals Dynasty 12th May 2017 09.28:32

Re: James Hurst
Never heard of him
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