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ugarte007 15th May 2017 11.17:29

Re: Carl Darlington SIGNED
What a lovely surprise on a Monday morning

Alan Attack 15th May 2017 11.19:17

Re: Carl Darlington SIGNED
[QUOTE=Phils-an-alki;2027186]He's not Keates assistant.[/QUOTE]

Still... People love sticking the boot in.

It's a great appointment for the club. Given his work with the FAW, I hope we can use these links.

DaveChinzanoBiancoLister 15th May 2017 11.20:01

Re: Carl Darlington SIGNED
Happy days, he's a top coach and it's great to have him aboard!

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Bushfield Stand 15th May 2017 11.22:00

Re: Carl Darlington SIGNED
Didn't see that one coming!

Always The Kop 15th May 2017 11.23:19

Re: Carl Darlington SIGNED
The club is delighted to confirm the return of Carl Darlington to the Racecourse and he will join the club’s coaching staff for the coming season.

Previously with us for a spell working alongside Kevin Wilkin, he left the club on the appointment of previous manager and teamed up with Craig Harrison at TNS, helping to extend their fine form in both domestic Welsh football and on their European adventures.

A Wrexham lad, Carl also works with the FAW, both on coach education and carrying out scouting of forthcoming opponents for Chris Coleman and the senior squad.

Of the appointment, manager Dean Keates was clearly delighted to have added another important member to his backroom team.

“I’m obviously delighted to get Darlo in, as he’s someone who can help me personally, someone I can learn from and develop,” said the boss.

“From working with him the first time right, we have become good friends and stayed in contact. I’m absolutely delighted that he’s become part of the staff; his contribution, alongside both Andy [Davies] and Dan [Nolan], will be vital as we look to good forward.

“He is someone else who has the club at heart, a local lad and the club means everything to him. He’s a supporter and his boys are supporters, who come and watch games off their own back.

“When I got the job, it was a conversation I had with Carl then and since, and now he is here.

“For me as a young coach/manager, he is someone who I can learn off and his contribution will be massive for the club.

“It will be a part-time role, as his combines his duties with those at the FAW. He’ll be in two-days a week, as well as a matchday. How he operates, will contribute with what we already have here with Andy and myself, and then along with Dan as we prepare for a weekend.

“Everybody will be pulling the same way and as I’ve said, those in charge of the football, have the best interests of the club going forward.

“That’s two of my staff who are both local lads and supporters of the club, since they were boys – they want us to achieve and want to be part of the staff that takes the football club on.

“It’s been a massive transition off the field since January and the pieces have come together. This may well go unnoticed, but it’s taken some hard work to get things ready.

“Now though, the foundations are in a good place. I also have a great relationship with the board, so all in all, I feel the club is in a position to be taken forward.”

Welcome Carl, another piece of the cog has come together. DK is a real breath of fresh air, a proper team effort has developed off the pitch, I expect similar attributes to show up from the squad on the pitch once it is formed.


WV1 15th May 2017 11.23:37

Re: Carl Darlington SIGNED
Wrexham going up!

OneLoveWrexham 15th May 2017 11.24:04

Re: Carl Darlington SIGNED
Great signing, will help with Keate's inexperience In certain areas and a local lad.

redavid 15th May 2017 11.25:09

Re: Carl Darlington SIGNED
I knew this a fortnight ago , But they couldn`t announce it then , something to do with Harrison at TNS , And Robbie Evans going to billaricay Excuse my spelling of that , They have a rich owner and recruiting .

wrexham_forever 15th May 2017 11.28:26

Re: Carl Darlington SIGNED
[QUOTE=redavid;2027199]I knew this a fortnight ago , But they couldn`t announce it then , something to do with Harrison at TNS , And Robbie Evans going to billaricay Excuse my spelling of that , They have a rich owner and recruiting .[/QUOTE]
So are saying harrison is off to billaricay?

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