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petered 15th May 2017 12.00:46

Re: Carl Darlington SIGNED
Yes. Happy days. Oh and good luck Robbie if thats the case.

elles-dragon 15th May 2017 12.01:00

[QUOTE=WrexhamO;2027213]He was part time last time too.
From memory, I think at a WAFC AGM, one of the board confirmed that although he was officially part time he was working far more hours then he signed up for - off his own back.[/QUOTE]

From memory too, I think I remember that he set out training regimes etc in preparation for when he was away.
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LWR 15th May 2017 12.01:20

Re: Carl Darlington SIGNED
[QUOTE=redavid;2027227]No Robbie Evans ,[/QUOTE]

So they couldn't announce Darlington signing, because Robbie Evans was off to Billericay............... :confused:

Regardless great appointment for the club. And proves that Keates wants to do things the right way.

John Neals Dynasty 15th May 2017 12.04:17

Re: Carl Darlington SIGNED
Best news to come out the club in a long time, I feel if this happened at the end of his last season here we may have been challenging for promotion but past is past.

Good move by Keates it's just what he needs a bit of help from an experienced coach who as a bonus is Wrexham through and through.
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Funny_Old_Game 15th May 2017 12.04:49

Re: Carl Darlington SIGNED
Great appointment. You only have to see how the players raved about him last time he was here to know that he knows his shit. Mills probably felt threatened by Darlington and that he'd show him up.

pastywxm91 15th May 2017 12.05:39

Re: Carl Darlington SIGNED
Fantastic news.

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smiffysarmy 15th May 2017 12.07:49

Re: Carl Darlington SIGNED
Welcome back Carl.

Hometown Unicorn 15th May 2017 12.10:16

Re: Carl Darlington SIGNED
Great news. Welcome aboard Carl!

noisy1 15th May 2017 12.10:28

Re: Carl Darlington SIGNED
Great news,

Welcome home Carl.

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