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Redordead 15th May 2017 14.17:46

Re: Carl Darlington SIGNED
We'll be beating the lesser teams, have a plan b and have the fittest team in the league!

Roll on August top signing

Mustapha Win 15th May 2017 14.20:16

Re: Carl Darlington SIGNED
This announcement has secured the renewal of my season ticket. Don't need to wait for player signings anymore; some good ones would help though.

I have been hoping against hope that this would happen, going on about it relentlessly almost to the point of boring people witless ( anyone that would listen to me that is ). Well done to all concerned, a very real progression in my opinion.

dixienormous 15th May 2017 14.23:27

Re: Carl Darlington SIGNED
We need players now.

LWR 15th May 2017 14.34:18

Re: Carl Darlington SIGNED
[QUOTE=dixienormous;2027313]We need players now.[/QUOTE]

What do we need?

When do we want them?

dixienormous 15th May 2017 14.36:22

Re: Carl Darlington SIGNED
[QUOTE=LWR;2027314]What do we need?

When do we want them?[/QUOTE]

Players, now really, today.

gvred 15th May 2017 14.37:59

Re: Carl Darlington SIGNED
[QUOTE=Corner Flag;2027264]Did gvred know as well ? if he did we would have known 2 weeks ago then. Actually it was leaked as I recall 15th being the signing on date in a previous thread :jester:[/QUOTE]
I told you about it in the Darlington thread a week ago

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howardrd 15th May 2017 14.47:55

Re: Carl Darlington SIGNED
I feel far more optimistic than I was 12 months ago. It's good that DK has got his management structure in place early. Collectively they can now build and develop a squad that fits around their combined vision. Very good move.

Rusticola 15th May 2017 14.52:03

Re: Carl Darlington SIGNED
Good news. No one knows what next season will bring but at least we know that the people at the helm on the playing side are genuine, thoroughly professional people with the interests of the club at heart and not some carpetbaggers --- and for the record I was one of the deluded majority pleased with the previous appointment too !

Wrexham's Patrick Bateman 15th May 2017 14.56:03

Re: Carl Darlington SIGNED
Someone I can learn from.,..OK..Dean might be a rookie manager, but I find that quite refreshing, after the, I'm Gary Mills, I've done this, I've done that...,......Did I mention I played for Brian Clough..?

Excellent news....

draig arian 15th May 2017 14.59:36

Re: Carl Darlington SIGNED
Up to now (p 7), This has been a totally unanimous appointment and rightly so. Excellent signing DK, more please.

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