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foreverared 30th May 2017 17.50:01

Manny Smith returns!!
I have it on very good authority from someone at the club we are in advanced talks with Manny Smith over a return to the Racecourse. What a defence that would be..
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Ddraigoch 30th May 2017 17.50:45

Re: Manny Smith to return
ITK or just hoping?

foreverared 30th May 2017 17.52:41

[QUOTE=Ddraigoch;2033777]ITK or just hoping?[/QUOTE]

On good authority as I say
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JonWrexhamfc 30th May 2017 17.52:55

Re: Manny Smith to return
Not good enough get him signed now. No ambishun.

andywrex90 30th May 2017 17.54:46

Re: Manny Smith to return
I guess this would be seen as a solid signing ,,

With Pearson alongside I certainly would take that ,,
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pagl 30th May 2017 17.56:17

Re: Manny Smith to return
IMO it would be a good signing alongside Pearson as Manny has pace. Not sure whats happening on the Ollie Marx situation as seems to be taking along time to sign!
A few more singings of the same quality will do.
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OneLoveWrexham 30th May 2017 17.58:09

Re: Manny Smith to return
Won't be many better centre back partnerships in the league, great signing if true and Pearson alongside will compliment each other nicely.

Alan Attack 30th May 2017 18.02:31

Re: Manny Smith to return
I'm not that arsed about Smith returning. He's done nothing in his career to suggest he's one of the best centre backs in this league. Not like Shaun Pearson

Gaz Wxm 30th May 2017 18.03:44

Re: Manny Smith to return
this has been mentioned on another thread ...there is mention of his agent wanting obscene amounts just to talk to him.... for me it will depend on which Manny turns up, first season fine.... second season thanks but no thanks

davewilli 30th May 2017 18.05:25

Re: Manny Smith to return
Let's not get excited until it is a done deal, but hope the moaners at the end of the season now see the wisdom of DK's prudence and get those STs sorted.

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