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harrye53 6th June 2017 20.56:33

[QUOTE=standman;2034410]When he's here someone grab him and ask him if he wants to organise a Welsh festival at the Racecourse for 2018. He's got great contacts plus his own band. Manics headline one night and stereophonics the second fill the spaces with his band plus 2/3 other bands each day. First tickets on sale for both nights then what ever is left can be sold off and we're have 40,000 through the ground in two days eeating and drinking.
[size=1][i]Posted via mobile theme[/i][/size][/QUOTE] already in hand !
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Always The Kop 9th June 2017 15.40:09

Re: Mike Peters (Alarm) at My Racecourse
This on a week today along with the new kit launch. Read below, it should be a great afternoon/early evening

[url=]2017 18 Kit Launch During Mike Peters By My Side Event My Racecourse[/url]

[url=]BLUE SKY, Mike Peters To Appear At My Racecourse[/url]

Wrexham AFC are proud to announce the launch event of our brand new 2017-18 Macron kit on Friday 16th June at My Racecourse.

The launch will be a big event this year, as it coincides with Wrexham supporter and music icon Mike Peters “By My Side” walk.

This event will take place at My Racecourse, starting at 4pm with a huge array of activities catering for everyone taking place.

Among these activities will be live bands performing in the Centenary Club. Mike Peters will be appearing alongside performances from guests Luke Gallagher, Gareth Owen, Carl Crocombe and The Colombians.

You can also join us in supporting Mikes Charity Here >>> [url=]Wrexham AFC Online Shop[/url]

Squares are just £3 with all proceeds going to this amazing North Wales NHS charity. In return, you could win a signed Alarm CD, a new Wrexham AFC signed shirt among other great prizes.

Also at the kit launch event there will be: Simon’s Fun Fair, Chris De Burger, Country Spice, Glitter Bugs, Bev’s Been Baking, Truly Scrumptious, Mr T 'Ice Cream', The Junior Dragons, Wrex the Dragon and much more.

The Centenary Club will be open throughout and all the activities will be taking place on the Yale Stand side of the stadium.

We look forward to seeing you all. It's a fantastic chance to enjoy the evenings entertainment, help Blue Sky and pick up your very own new 2017-18 Wrexham AFC shirt to proudly wear next season.

An event for all the family to come and enjoy, please come along and join in the fun.

Coch Pentre Moch 9th June 2017 16.13:49

Re: Mike Peters (Alarm) at My Racecourse
Simon Meyo just played 68 guns on the radio :hurray:

billybersham 9th June 2017 16.50:46

Re: Mike Peters (Alarm) at My Racecourse
[QUOTE=Coch Pentre Moch;2038203]Simon Meyo just played 68 guns on the radio :hurray:[/QUOTE]

I bet it was the old version.

Coch Pentre Moch 9th June 2017 17.24:11

Re: Mike Peters (Alarm) at My Racecourse
They only play old versions on Radio 2 :guitarist:

Always The Kop 11th June 2017 08.32:54

Re: Mike Peters (Alarm) at My Racecourse
This trailer is inspiring
[url=]Man in the Camo Jacket - Trailer[/url]

The man himself at the Cae Ras this coming Friday, lots going on. Stalls, music, kit launch

Wrexham AFC are helping Mike raise funds, which go towards helping cancer units in our community here in North Wales. You can help us by buying a virtual pitch square here>>>> [url=]Wrexham AFC Online Shop[/url]

We want as many people to come along Friday as possible,[B] please spread the word[/B], it's got the potential to be a belter, there is no entry fee to the event.


harrye53 11th June 2017 09.19:55

Re: Mike Peters (Alarm) at My Racecourse
Well done Paul . Spread the word. Just looking at that trailer makes me emotional. Let's show the world what our club is about and support it. I know the charity are concerned that not many people will be there. Let everyone know about this event and get the ground busy. If weAther is good they will play outside on the car park. TV cameras will surely be there. This is what we are about . Community fans owned supporting our own . Go on line and buy a pitch square and support Mike's charity .

standman 11th June 2017 09.49:50

Re: Mike Peters (Alarm) at My Racecourse
Any bands time, it would help as myself like many will be working until 5.30pm and don't want a wasted drive to find out The Columbians and Mike Peters have played. Just got the Columbians EP of iTunes, a great local band who also should get our support.
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harrye53 11th June 2017 10.06:05

Re: Mike Peters (Alarm) at My Racecourse
Got choirs on first so don't expect any of the bands on before 530 although might've some impromptu acoustic things going on

International 12th June 2017 04.43:49

Re: Mike Peters (Alarm) at My Racecourse

Marching On - The Alarm

68 Guns - The Alarm

Anthems for next season?[/QUOTE]


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