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Default Re: Keates

Originally Posted by [Removed User
;2044750]I wasn't actually referring to you specifically Alan, but anyway..

Lincoln did their research and appointed the right manager(s).
Cambridge expected to go up as they did a huge amount of well documented prep. You're right of course it could be us. I just think our average age doesn't fit the profile of teams who go up and we need an awful lot of other ducks in a row. I also suspect we'll have our worst start for a long while before we settle down.
I'm puzzled as to why you think we'll have one of our worst starts for a long time when you consider the calibre of players we've signed? I know they'll need time to gel but I still can't work that one out Mike.

I'm not convinced Dunn's quite good enough if I'm honest.
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Default Re: Keates

Teams do need time to gel but we've got a lot of players who know each other or have played with each other before. That should help.
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Default Re: Keates

I'm optimistic that they'll settle in together very quickly because I get the feeling that Keates is recruiting on personality as well as talent etc. I reckon he is very good at reading people. Looking at the signings so far, he's building a whole package and avoiding egos etc. It's why I think he wouldn't go for Rhead.
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Originally Posted by EnglishRed View Post
Teams do need time to gel but we've got a lot of players who know each other or have played with each other before. That should help.
Jennings,Wedgbury,Kelly, possibly Sinclair have played together at FGR.

Holroyd,Mackreth,Boden have played together at Macc.

I think given the huge turnover of players, Keates plan was to sign players who were familiar with each other to help settle in.
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