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1975 red 24th July 2017 18.30:34

Gime gone (signs for Macc)

Gime has now departed. Seems to be his choice (probably tired of waiting for a contract offer)

moldroadred 24th July 2017 18.32:01

Re: Gime gone
C'est la vie

dixienormous 24th July 2017 18.33:41

Re: Gime gone
Good luck to the lad. Now, come on Dean a decent striker please.

benwilliams 24th July 2017 18.34:52

Re: Gime gone
Probably for the best, an interesting side show but not what we need to be successful in this league.
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Keyser Söze 24th July 2017 18.35:29

Re: Gime gone
Showed some promise, would like to see how things would'be progressed but I trust Dean to find us another proven goal scorer.

Superunknown 24th July 2017 18.36:33

Re: Gime gone
All the best to him, don't think he was the answer to our prayers but looking forward to seeing who Keates will bring in now.

WREX01 24th July 2017 18.37:29

Re: Gime gone
Good luck !!
Dean is ruthless , and I love it.
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Legends of '78 24th July 2017 18.37:35

Re: Gime gone
Wonder if this means an offer has been accepted for a striker?

panda23 24th July 2017 18.38:41

Re: Gime gone
[QUOTE=Legends of '78;2053253]Wonder if this means an offer has been accepted for a striker?[/QUOTE]

Sounds like Jimmy left of his own accord as Keates wanted to give him a run out at Alty

Funny_Old_Game 24th July 2017 18.41:03

Re: Gime gone
Expect he'll get a Conference North club.

Makes me think we are close to a striker though, thankfully.
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