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Default Re: Gateshead ratings

Dunn 8- pulled off some important saves when needed. Controlled his area well under pressure

Roberts 7- best performance so far

Manny 9- What a player

Pearson 8- solid.

Jennings 6- still suspect

Wedge 8- immense

Carra 4 - did he play?

Kelly 5- ineffective

Macka 6- some moments of quality

Boden 6 - frustrated

Massanaka 5- huffs and puffs but no quality.

Reid 8- player!

Rutherford 6- tracked back

Hurst 5- fair
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Default Re: Gateshead ratings

Some high scoring going on tonight, I must of watched a different game. Until Penn went off for them and Reid come on I couldn't see us scoring if we played till this time tomorrow.

Dunn 7 marked down as he pushed a shot back into the middle of the goal and lucky Pearson acted quick enough to clear.

Roberts 6 solid
Smith. 8 great to have him back
Pearson. 8 him and Manny the best pairing in the league
Jennings 5.5 solid ish

Carrington 5.5 thought he did alright, I'd prob rather Wright in there
Kelly 5 poor tonight and didn't see enough of the ball
Wedgebury 4 I must of seen a different game to some of you as first half he was dreadful, looked a pub player. I thought he'd be the best signing this year.
Mackreth. 4. Nowhere to be seen, Fyfield was all over him.

Massanka. 2 good god
Boden. 5. Hard to get involved when the service is so poor, kept dropping deeper and deeper as our midfield is utter dog turd


Reid. 8. Impressed tonight, quick, strong and good movement.
Hurst. 2. Gave a stupid free kick away in last minute in a dangerous area
Rutherford. 5 Only on for 10 minutes and achieved his usual busyness

All in all our midfield is dreadful and no one is taking responsibility to put their foot on the ball, Penn ran the game until he came off. I'd like to think Kelly would do that if we played a 4-3-3, our passing and movement is so ponderous we'd get eaten alive in midfield against the better teams.
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Default Re: Gateshead ratings

Manny Smith (8) MOTM

Reid (7) Changed the game and won the game.
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Default Re: Gateshead ratings

Dunn 7 great save at end
Roberts 6 steady
Smith 20 outstanding nothing got past him i think he looks better now than his first season here
Pearson 9 what a cb partnership we have
Jennings 6 same as Roberts
Mackreth 4 diddnt have alot of the ball
Wedgebury 6 does his job well
Carrington 5 ok
Kelly 5 needs to play in middle doesn't have pace to play outwide didn't happen for him tonight
Massanka 1 does he know the offside rule
Boden 5 set up doesn't help his game
Reid 7 changed game good finish
Rutherford /hurst not on long enough to judge
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Default Re: Gateshead ratings

Defence sound although dropped back too deep when they were pressing for equaliser. Smith and Pearson very solid. Roberts lucky to escape injury after horror tackle from Peniket - how can the ref see that as just a yellow!!!???
Midfield battled away, but not much creativity. Kelly wasted on the left.
Forwards ineffective until Reid came on - Massanka's game improved from then on, but thought he would be subbed rather than Bowden. And to be fair to him he was getting roughed up off the ball by their No 5, again no sign of the officials taking any interest.
We needed a win and we got it, but still much work to do.
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Originally Posted by krux View Post
Dunn 7 safe. Punches at the end did their job

Roberts 6 a lot better, not much going forward
Smith 9 almost perfect. That victory was built on Manny smith foundations.
Pearson 8 Excellent
Jennings 7 a lot more composed tonight. Did well.

Mackreth 1 truly awful. Not in it.
Wedgbury 6 pick of the midfield.
Carrington 5 ok, but he's not dominant enough to play in a midfield 2.
Kelly 4 in Wes yorks pocket. However scrapped and battled which is a good sign when he is not getting much luck.

Massanka 4 as per
Boden 4 ineffective

Reid looked a quality player and lovely finish from a tight angle
Rutherford did his job
Hurst did his job too. Nice to have some muscle on the bench.
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This for me. How wedgebury got MOTM over smith is baffling. He won virtually everything in the air. Without him we wouldn't have been in that game. Frightening how Reid seemed to turn the game around. Not only metaphorically but literally turned us around from facing our own goal and playing backwards to actually attacking. Won some headers too
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Default Re: Gateshead ratings

Poor first half credit where it's due we defended the goal well towards the end to grind out the win , what worries me is every time Gateshead broke forward they seemed to be able to shoot luckily they couldn't finish but I once again couldn't remember us having many shots that said if we played like that and won the league winning 1 0 every game I would be happy, it's fine margines at mo once we click and grow in confidence I reckon we will b fine here's to another 3 points on sat to a team that's struggling at the bottom
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Default Re: Gateshead ratings

Manny gets a 10 from me was superb right through, think he only missed one header and even that one he flattened their player so it just bounced off him, massanka well what an awful game until reid came on! Midfield average at best, boden isolated, mackreth uninvolved, had nil nil all over it
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Default Re: Gateshead ratings

Dunn 7 - did everything that was required of him. Kept us in the game on a couple of occasions

Roberts 7 - didn't go to Dover but from what I have seen this was his best game for us
Smith 8 - standard Manny. Didn't give any of their forwards a look in.
Pearson 9 - didn't let anything pass him. Captain fantastic tonight. MOTM
Jennings 6 - tries a little too hard on times. Would like to see the overlapping runs into their penalty box. His passing is a bit wayward on times

Mackreth 5 - didn't offer anything going forward but like others he needs the ball played to feet so he can beat the man.
Wedge 7 - better game from him this evening
Carrington 7 - don't get the anti Carrington feeling. He had a decent game and moved the ball forward whenever he could.
Kelly 6 - as per others on these threads, I think he would be better suited to a more central role. The game passes him by out on the left. Having said that he played a delicious ball through for Reid late in the 2nd half.

Massanka 5 - works hard but no end product
Boden 5 - disappointed to see him being hauled off. Given the service, he could well be decent for us but he needs the ball played to feet

Reid 7 - took his opportunity well and his all round style enthused the team and the fans
Rutherford 7 - always works hard and his clearances towards the end of the game meant we were able to see it out comfortably.

Ref - was poor tonight some abject decisions and his general handling of the game was poor.

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Default Re: Gateshead ratings

Dunn 7 Did everything required

Roberts 6 Solid enough but no offence , struggles to cut out crosses
M Smith 8 Won everything in the air
Pearson 8 Solid and dependable
Jennings 6 Not the player I thought he was.Also will miss games due to suspension

Wedgebury 7 Broke up play well but needs someone with a good engine next to him
Crabbington 6 Just does enough but zero creation
Kelly 4 Anonymous game and a worry how poor he was tonight
Mackreth 5 Created nothing

Boden 5 Never threatens to score
Massanka 4 Oh dear, why have we brought him back ?


Hurst 5 No time at all but got stuck in
Rutherford 5 Ran around
Reid 8 Did more in 25 mins than any of the other 4 strikers have done in 4 games between them

All in all a thoroughly pathetic performance until Reid came on and used his pace to turn the defence.Football isn't a difficult game but by god we've been making heavy work of it until the young lad came on.

Something to build on but individual performances are way below par
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