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Gazfoxy WFC 17th September 2017 13.03:40

Re: Keates isn't the man to take us forward.
[QUOTE=John Neals Dynasty;2071842]Had me puzzled that one too as neither are on loan from Fleetwood
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Typo : Alex Reid....

FieldtownRed 17th September 2017 13.10:42

Re: Keates is certainly man to take us forward.
[QUOTE=REDJB;2071828]Guile !!! Passing it sideways after 5 touches doesn't unlock many defenses. Picking it up,driving at players and committing a few to come out and press you certainly does. I know which id want to defend against.[/QUOTE]

Just about sums yesterday up. Our idea of direct is hoofing the ball forward rather than short passes and runs forwards.

John Neals Dynasty 17th September 2017 13.12:51

[QUOTE=EnglishRed;2071848]So you sat through games last season? Or under Morrell in his last season. Or when we lost 4-0 to Telford at home. Or Littles last season or Saunders first season or the hundreds of times we have been terrible over he last ten years.... But yesterday was your line?


I suppose everyman has his limits as you posted all the previous crap maybe this season is the final straw for him.
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Superunknown 17th September 2017 13.30:15

Re: Keates isn't the man to take us forward.
As previously said in this thread it's a ridiculous notion to call for his head this early. See where we are after Christmas and reassess then.

Having said that we are only 2 points top granted but had a few teams had a few better results, our standing would look a lot worse. Keates seriously needs to have a look at his tactics if fans can see things he can't, it doesn't bode well going forward.

pagl 17th September 2017 13.48:41

Re: Keates is certainly man to take us forward.
[QUOTE=Congy Red;2071779]I can see what Keates was trying to do yesterday. He brought Carrington back because he is a better passer than Wright, and he expected a tight game where guile .rather than brute force would be the deciding factor for us. I think it was a mistake, but credit to him for trying to increase our creativity.

The same argument goes for why Boden started with Holroyd, more guile, better ball retention than the youngsters. The plan was not successful because we never got up to support the front men. The front men failed to hold up the ball, and Carrington isn't the quickest joining in.

I give Keates great credit for trying Kelly in an advanced central position, sadly he needed better passing options than he could see in front of him.

I am very impressed that Keates has stuck to his guns for 10 games, but is now willing to explore other avenues. He's shown maturity in my opinion.[/QUOTE]

Have to disagree with all of this. The last 5 games showed that Wedgbury/Wright is the better combination. No need to experiment at this stage just get points on the board especially at home.

For me its worrying we dont set up to attack teams at home.

At the moment Keates team isnt balanced and until he addresses the CF situation tyen we will continue to struggle for goals.

With the hoof ball style we may as well play 451.

Lesjonno 17th September 2017 14.02:10

Re: Keates isn't the man to take us forward.
The history of this great club and expectation of the fans weighs heavily on the shoulders of any manager. I think the stress of failing to get us up after getting so near led Morrell to quit. A piddling little club with their handful of fans can afford to go hung ho, and if they lose, well so what, nobody really expected much anyway. Here, we are just too frightened to lose. And in real terms, the history means nothing compared to the lure of the £££s. OK, managers have said that players still want to come because it's a big club at this level, blah, blah, and maybe some come for locality/ family reasons, but the reality is that decent players will go to the clubs who pay most, and who can blame them? Forest Green, prime example. So, I think Keates is doing is OK, given the funds we have, although we are better off than quite a few. Still only 2 points off the top so no need to panic at this stage. Maybe the fans should find a way of telling the management 'set up for attack and have a bloody go for a few games. If we lose, then at least we lose fighting and trying to entertain. ( Then go back to the defensive dross - at least something different would have been tried!).'

borntobered 17th September 2017 14.13:38

Re: Keates isn't the man to take us forward.
It always intrigues me how fans say I'd take boring 1-0 and 0-0 games if it gets us out of the league' but when it happens they want to get rid of the manager. Yes the football might be dull, but is it better to be dull and not lose, or entertain and lose?

Mustapha Win 17th September 2017 14.30:38

Re: Keates isn't the man to take us forward.
[QUOTE=GiggityGiggityGiggityGoo;2071671]Mismanagement has got us to where we are now, not supporting the CoE and the rubbish excuses to try and justify it. !

Your comments are absolutely correct and are aligned to what Bagger Vance tried to impress upon before he finally gave up. He also mentioned short termiism as a major problem and that aspect has again reared its ugly head.

I don't understand the argument that we should be four or six points ahead at the top of the league, it would be very nice but not one team is making any significant headway. It's a hard league where everyone appears to be able to beat each other by whatever means no matter what their position is. If it were otherwise I would be genuinely concerned.

I agree that the type of football on offer is certainly not entertaining, however, it may be what the management have designated to be the most reliable and suitable to sustain our long term interests and employed as a means to an end as a temporary measure. I can accept this as a concept rather than again making rash decisions in the hope of immediate gain which has so miserably failed us in the past. This aspect should have been employed years ago as it is very late in the day to expect fans to be sufficiently patient after ten years and I fully understand their opinions. However, it may prove to be the only way forward, again citing it as a long term objective.

shetred 17th September 2017 14.57:00

Re: Keates isn't the man to take us forward.
Does Keates ever watch the footage of a game back? Would he be able to keep awake during the re-run?

The Only Way Is Up 17th September 2017 16.02:28

Re: Keates isn't the man to take us forward.
It all reminds me of working for a firm that every year somehow just manages not to go bust, but refuses to change its direction to keep up with changing market requirements until, one day, it runs out of ideas and money, and finally crashes.

No business succeeds by standing still. Every business is either going backwards or is going forwards.

As has been said many times before, doing the same thing over and over, and expecting a different result, is the first sign of madness. In our case, replace madness with stupidity.

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